Pregnancy & Women's Health


From Preconception ~ Pregnancy To Perimenopause and beyond...


Studies show that you increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby when your are in the best physical and mental shape prior to and during your pregnancy. To the next stage in life;  women's bodies are again challenged with perimenopause and then finally menopause. Ensuring that your body is properly nourished during these stages is vital to feeling your best.


At IT’SYOU! Medical Nutrition Centers we provide you with the nutritional know how to make it through the “stages” feeling and looking your best. We will work carefully with your medical doctor to assure you safely reach your goals.


Our Registered Dietitians are trained to assist  with management of Gestational Diabetes, hormonal side effects, anemia, nausea, constipation. We will help you reach the finish line and feel better!