Weight Management


Certainly you have made promises to yourself many times that tomorrow you will start a diet or at least eat better, or next week you will start going to the gym and exercise regularly. Making promises…followed by the guilt of not being able to keep them. The truth is that all "resolutions" come to an abrupt end. The fundamental flaw in most diets is the “on-off switch”. Diets focus on restrictions that cannot be maintained over time. You try your best but, chances are, once you are off the diet you resume old habits and the weight comes back.


Together, we incorporate the most up to date and successful methods utilized to solve the obesity equation. Our program is unique in that we focus on maintaining lean body mass while losing dangerous body fat. We specialize in providing weight maintenance plans to help you hold onto your success for a lifetime.


Our professional team of Registered Dietitians at IT'SYOU! Medical Nutrition Centers have specialty certifications from the American Dietetic Association in the field of weight loss and weight management for the entire family.