Surgery is one of the most advanced and amazing accomplishments of modern medicine. Even so, there are always risks with any surgery. Studies show that proper nutrition is an effective way of protecting the body against stress from an operation and healing more rapidly. To decrease the incidence and severity of surgical complications brought on by over-exuberant inflammation and other stressors, many countries use nutrition services prior to surgery to help with better post-operation outcome.


At IT’SYOU! Medical Nutrition Centers we have successfully helped our patients prepare for surgery (what we call our “anabolic diet”) to get ready for the “catabolic” process that the body undergoes with any surgery, especially if this diet is followed at least 2-3 weeks prior to the surgery. Proper nutrition can help with strengthening the body’s immune system to decrease risk of infection, having better surgery outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and healing wounds faster.


Improving the diet and taking extra nutrients before and after surgery is therefore ALWAYS helpful and probably should be mandated by the government!