To Prevent Cancer and Patients with Cancer


The importance of proper nutrition to prevent cancers or immediately following cancer diagnosis has been well documented.


When you are healthy, getting the nutrients you need through food is usually not a problem. To prevent or especially, during and after cancer treatments getting the proper nutrition and dealing with sleep hygiene and other "boxes" often becomes a challenge.


The diagnosis, treatments, procedures and medications can often cause appetite and energy loss, putting you at an increased risk.  The therapeutic goal of good nutritional intake following cancer diagnosis is to replenish the body with new, healthy cell growth.  Consequently, the eating practices of individuals diagnosed with cancer should be assessed throughout treatment to reflect the changing needs of the body. Your food choices when undergoing treatment may be very different from what you are used to eating.


Becoming involved with a reputable clinical dietitian/nutritionist regarding specific nutrition needs and meal planning is an important first step to overcoming this disease.